Plan (Jan 2021)

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in december 2020, i finally conceded defeat, falling short on my goal-oriented plans and realising i didn’t have the drive in me to keep pushing w/ time goals. so continuing in the same spirit, i’m gonna discuss goals i’ll be working towards, but there won’t be a deadline for them and i doubt there ever will again. so we’ll just swim onwards 🐸


i’ll keep pushing ahead on my track of movement ils, since it was the most fun part of last year for me.


the theme for my il progress has been building up to ever-bigger pieces executed at a high standard. this can’t be applied directly to an hour-long run, but does indicate a strategy based on getting consistent at ever longer strings of movement. so particular focus will go into

as well as many offline voice-call sessions doing runs of IWs or impromptu strings of levels, focusing on repeated executions of short but intensive segments.


you’ll see me doing any% runs from time to time. the intention is to have the whole run freshly practised, then be able to do it with that passive focus i mentioned. so i’ll be thinking and messing about a lot with mindfulness and meditation as part of my approach to any%

future categories

expect more movement ils (secret reds) and short rta categories (10 shines no shines)

and outside of playing?

there’s a big push to solidify various things regarding the il sheet and the work-in-progress wiki by the end of jan. after that, if there’s time, i’ll look into getting some tutorials out and maybe starting a new computer-vision experiment for a future load timer and autosplitter