Plan (October 2020)

I put off Any% cos of tasks and IL sheet movements but things are coming along.

First run provisionally 1st November.

Until then, I’m trying out a new “iterative” method of developing IWs: do IW, then go back and prac levels I failed, then repeat – basically Diddeh-style grind. I’m also filling in a few extra ILs for fun and points, no serious grinds (yet) tho.

Upcoming ILs: g7, gbs, s1, s6, n1, n6s, q2, q3, q4, q5, q5s, q6, some full-level ones and some Delfino ones for fun.

Upcoming Streams

(loosely every 2 or 3 days; loosely in this order)

Offline practice:

Upcoming Streams (November)

Some stuff I wanna do