Split Names Context

Explanations for my split names in SMS Any%.

scuffed file

i use new file for i am pure. no hacks for me 😤
(the debate for legalising timing methods that removed the opening 5.5 mins of cutscenes and bodged the timing of this shine)

scuttlebug spaces

the jamboree infestation lemma shall not be examinable in this course.
(the pondskater here / sm64 TASing)

when’s pole

this was voted against like 10 times I didn’t even know voting was going on the same mistake make don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t
(the janky pole wallkick here / the politics around the timing method poll)

m o v e m e n t

have you practiced your bianco 4 for the day?

peter – 774 pars

(774 is the number of routes Petey can take here)

game boy sepia

(gelato beach skip)

green guy rng

(the green pianta likes to run out in front of you here / h/t nindiddeh)


(smol dog ×3)

not again [1, 2, 3]

“gonna looooose the race… Kappa”

(fire emoji)

livesplit wouldn’t be a community project if you could do something as reasonable as putting emoji in split names
(the spicy lava damage boost here)


(big dog)

errybody gangsta

rainbow drank epidemic

it fell to brave hero fech to defeat The Syrup
(drank/syrup = some sort of homebrew liquid drugs. those piantas don’t look fine g)


dun kno we got the watergun there

rocket lengman

mole yeet

it’s free


mario gets an anti-social behaviour order for risky business on the boats

5 fuckries

(also this)

sailing the void

(mario sails over the void between pinna park entrance and the merry-go-round, in a vessel made out of stu and propelled by the energy of its death)


(save + quit to main menu, respawn at a different place in Delfino Plaza)

… I refuse

“nindiddeh lost 5 minutes on this shine, so the fact we only lost 4 is completely reasonable. it’s a hard shine.”
(an old marathon run that convinced me that running SMS would be “fun”; quote is at t=1h11m36s)

walk up slowly + dsmash

he did. he really did tho.

from hell

“well, lots to think about there”
(this name refers to the manta approaching cutscene here and the builder in that scene)

Sirena 2


not casino

run’s over now

king lootbox

sms is literal casino genre
(need 3 sets of fruits from the slot machine, at 70% chance each)

boxx fundraiser

[see the introduction, page 5]
(each spam-spray in sms is a full-press of R, an A-press, and full release of both).


(shadow mario in the lobby)

bouldering irl

this is what it’s like trust me i went once

barrier skip irl

(spring-push here / bomb-push in Wind Waker barrier skip)

geriatric turning circle


eel D:


why is there a boxing glove

a question posed in 2017 by the great empiricist philosopher scatter and unanswered to this day
(the boxing glove is in the ground near the start of the race)

certain death

paddling pool

(the little puddle i stand in to gun down shadow mario)

man slides on everything

(this movement to blooper… requires a lot of buttons actually)


(it’s faster to ditch the blooper for both halves of this level)


beyblades are entirely not dangerous
(the jump to the crane here)

life’s angles

sometimes, when life gives you angles, you slide off and die
(the slippery rod angles in the secret here)

baby strats

doo doo doo
(this sewer strat is almost impossible to fail and ~3s slower than the normal one)


bloopers are not for joy-riding

hose mad

shadow mario in shambles


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ↓ 🐢 ↓ ☁️ ↓ ⛱️