Community Todo

Priorities for the sms community to work on in my imo.

Overall Priorities

  1. Taking ownership of a community website.
  2. Writing content to address basic FAQs.
  3. Publishing draft teaching material that’s lying around.
  4. Movement fundamentals tutorial.
  5. Comprehensive modern tutorial coverage.
  6. IL leaderboard-viewing + verification.
  7. Move the IL meta to a public discord.
  8. Practice codes: reloads into specific Delfino positions.


  1. Articles for FAQs
    1. Where do I start? (1) What to play, (2) setup, (3) learning strategies.
      1. What to play? Any%, 120, ILs, Bingo, other cats.
      2. Setup: versions, cap cards, obs, livesplit, homebrew/emu.
      3. Strategy: how to learn movement, consistency, different cats-vs-skills.
    2. Homebrew + region unlocking guide.
    3. Emulator setup guide.
    4. Version differences.
  2. Collating useful links; top-down site structure.
  3. Migrate everything off onto website.
  4. A page for every shine with recommended learning material.
  5. A collection of TASes.


  1. Movement fundamentals.
  2. [redo] GBS and beginner EYG.
  3. Example videos for every linear shine at various difficulties.
  4. Sirena Whenever.
  5. Pianta 1 flowchart.
  6. Detailed Pianta 5S.
  7. Detailed Pinna 1.

IL Leaderboard

  1. [new tech] Introduce per-level leaderboard viewing.
  2. [new tech] Introduce systematic verification.
  3. Address the fairness and verification of emulator resetting.
  4. [new tech] Transition from spreadsheet to database/frontends program.
  5. [new tech] Start doing retimes using frame timestamps rather than counts.
  6. [new tech] Start tracking WR histories.

Practice Codes


  1. [new tech] Timer that counts physics ticks for ILs (quarter-frames).
  2. Full source-code documentation (meaning prose!).
  3. [new tech] SGT persistence thru IGT resets (like Ricco 2).

Short-Term [new tech]

  1. [new tech] Reloads into specific Delfino positions (spawns + shine-get states).
  2. [new tech] Freeze SGT on blue-coin textboxes.
  3. [new tech] Level auto-reset.
  4. [new tech] Togglable pos/ang display.


  1. Statistical sample of loads (hence load timing).
  2. [new tech] Automatic video-based IL/load timer.


  1. Move the IL meta into a public discord.
  2. Address the dominance of bingo on community Twitch channels.
  3. Generate some initiative for non-bingo event planning, e.g. RTA leagues.