Skyward Sword Practice Codes

These are Gecko codes for Skyward Sword JP (SOUJ01) on console and emulator.

There’s an additional coordinate display code by Bob here, to be merged in v2 summer 2020.

Codes (v1.1 – 2020/01/25)
Console (gct format)
Dolphin (ini format)
Development Versions

The dev versions are largely untested. Here’s a list of changes since v1.1. To download, click the latest entry at the link, then Artifacts → Build to download a .zip of gct/ini files for all game versions. Atm, different codes are included for different regions – J0 has spawn+context+cutscene, E0 has spawn+context, E1/P0/P1 has spawn, and other versions are unsupported.

User Guide
Install Guide

Previous Versions

Source Code
Gecko Guide