User Guide

Version 1.1. These codes are for JP Skyward Sword (SOUJ01) and use the d-pad and Wii Remote + Nunchuk buttons.

←  Reload
C + ← Direct Reload
B + ← BiT Reload
Cutscene Skip Toggle
Z + ↑ Contextual Toggle

File notation:

FA currently-loaded file (at 0x80955464)
FB BiT file (at 0x8095A824‬)
F1/2/3 save files loaded to RAM (at 0x809BE200‬, 0x809C35C0‬, 0x809C8980 rsp.)
FC the “current” file, which is FA during gameplay and FB on the title screen.
FS the “selected” file, which is F1/2/3 depending on which was last selected (or started) on the title screen.

Committables refers to data that can be committed, which includes story/inventory/scene/temp flags + other unknown temporary data. Spawn data refers to area (e.g. “F000”), layer and entrance.


→ : Store

Stores your current file and spawn data, and position + angle if Link is loaded. Shows a blue potion.



if Link (actor) is loaded:
    copy position + angle: Link → FA  
copy file: FA → FS  
copy spawn data: static data → cheat cache  
show blue potion  

← : Reload | C + ← : Direct Reload

Restores your stored file and respawn data (see → press), then triggers a reload. If C is held, it’s a direct load into the stored position + angle, else it’s an indirect load through the entrance.



copy file: FS → FA  
copy committables: FC → static data  
copy spawn data: cheat cache → static data   
if spawn area is valid:  
    <if C + ←> set reload type = 1  
    trigger reload  

B + ← : BiT Reload

Loads BiT (Back in Time) into the default spawn.



set spawn data: (BiT defaults) → static data  
blank FA and FB  
copy committables: FC → static data  
initialise FB  
trigger reload  

↑ : Cutscene Skip Toggle

Enables/disables cutscene skips, showing a green/purple potion respectively. These skips retain changes in story/scene flags and Link/camera position as much as possible.

Skipped Cutscenes  
Horwell Exiting sparring hall
Sheikah stone text Zelda loftwing text
Adventure pouch Fi: Leaving Skyloft
Fi: Whirlpool Meeting Impa
Meeting Gorko Meeting Machi
Machi Lopsa
Oolo Bucha
Fi: Viewing Platform Cube Warp
Fi: Skyview Complete Ghirahim Scaldera



alternate between:  
    splice cutscene graphs; show "on" potion  
    revert cutscene graphs; show "off" potion

Z + ↑ : Contextual Toggle

Enables/disables context-dependent cheats, showing a green/purple potion respectively. Flag 1 (in the cheats) is set to whether this is enabled.

Forces entrance to 1 while in ET boss room (B200).
Pastes boss health over rupee count (on FA) while Scaldera is loaded.

Sidehop CS Skip:
Forces save prompt when reloading into Skyloft (F000) on layer 3 (Wing Ceremony), allowing for practice like in this video. Do a store on the save prompt/during Zelda’s text/after a sidehop, then reload.


alternate between:  
    set flag 1; show "on" potion  
    unset flag 1; show "off" potion  

if flag 1:  
    ### Scaldera ###  
    if static spawn has area "B200":  
        static spawn entrance = 1  
        rupee count on FA = boss health  
    ### Sidehop CS Skip ###  
    if static spawn has area "F000" and layer 3:  
        reloader.savePrompt = true