CF (CurrentFiles)

This is a singleton class (object) containing files FA and FB, pointers to structs containing F1,F2,F3 and associated data, and many methods for managing the files.

The classes’ data is mapped out below; see also the CF methods.

CF CurrentFiles
Location 8095545c
Pointer 8057825c (static) | aka r13 (=8057c6a0) - 0x4444
Size 0xa850 | confirmed in 8000a010: _Heap::allocCF()
SF SaveFiles
Location 809be1e0
Pointer 8095545c | aka cf+0x0
Size 0xfbe0
ST SaveTails
Location 809cdde0
Pointer 80955460 | aka cf+0x4
Size 0x80

The “Tail” class (size [24], of which last 4 are checksum) is some unknown data that will be referenced a lot.


8095545c 0 [4] ptr saveFiles ptr to SF (= 809be1e0)
80955460 4 [4] ptr saveTails ptr to ST (= 809cdde0)
80955464 8 [53c0] File FA  
8095a824 53c8 [53c0] File FB  
8095fbe4 a788 [24] Tail fileTail current tail; last 4B are checksum
8095fc08 a7ac [48] char16[9][4] heronames[4] 9 utf16 chars; F1, F2, F3, extra(???)
8095fc50 a7f4 [20] char[32] area  
8095fc70 a814 [4] ___[4]  
8095fc74 a818 [18] long[3] savetimes per-file
8095fc8c a830 [6] short[3] curhearts per-file
8095fc92 a836 [6] short[3] widths per-file (of first row of FS text+hearts?)
8095fc98 a83c [1] byte selectedFileNo  
8095fc99 a83d [3] bool[3] chkA per-file: did SF file have 53ad set?
8095fc9c a840 [6] bool[6] _u unknown flags
8095fca2 a846 [3] bool[3] chkB per-file: is SF file checksum stale?
8095fca5 a849 [3] bool[3] chkC per-file: is SF tail checksum stale?
8095fca8 a84c [1] bool errorFlag (nothing works when this is set)
8095fca9 a84d [1] bool opFlag signals that a file is being saved/copied/deleted
8095fcaa a84e [1] bool anticommitFlag signals to load static data from FA during title screen (guards loadToCurrent())
8095fcab a84f [1] ___[1]  
8095fcac a850 //      
0 [4] char[4] game ID (SOUJ etc.)
4 [1c] ??? header
20 [53c0] File F1
53e0 [53c0] File F2
a7e0 [53c0] File F3
fb60 [24] Tail tailsInt1 (or tailsInt[0], etc.)
fb84 [24] Tail tailsInt2
fba8 [24] Tail tailsInt3
fbcc [14] ??? footer
fbe0 //   there’s [10] of space b/w SF and ST
0 [24] Tail tailsExt1 (or tailsExt[0], etc.)
24 [24] Tail tailsExt2
48 [24] Tail tailsExt3
6c [14] ??? footer
80 //