Streaming (Distributed Systems) From May to Sept 2018, I streamed myself learning distributed systems (compsci) from MIT’s coursework.

Progress + Plans

I did 2/4 of the projects, then got a job. The job covered my programming desires, so I was doing other stuff in my free time, but I’d still like to do the rest some day, e.g. if I go unemployed for ages again. I’d cut back on the explanations in order to go faster tho :P.

I MapReduce – ✓
II Raft – ✓
III Key-Value Service (based on II)
IV Sharding (of III)


Project II was pretty interesting: Raft, a consensus algorithm, basically:

A state machine (thing that processes incoming commands) running on a redundant cluster of servers that work as a democracy, electing a leader among themselves to do the actual work and re-electing if it fails.

Videos + Work

VoDs || Part I: MapReduce | Part II: Raft
The full streams, split up into sections. Will move to YouTube in the future.

GitHub repository
Has a readme navigation of the Raft project.


To Max + Ben for giving me the idea to stream, and to everyone who dropped by to say hi, chat compsci or careers. This shit was fun ya kno.

^ o ^